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Australian cuisine

Australian cuisine is one of the most exotic and diverse in the world. Its possibilities range from meat pies and vegetarian sandwiches to kangaroo fillets with young beetroot shoots and fried onions.

The heyday of Australian cuisine began recently – in the 90s of our century. All the major cities of the green mainland survived the emergence of many new restaurants, designed in the spirit of “modern Australian cuisine.” The success of the local culinary art was due to two factors: firstly, the variety and unusualness of the dishes, and secondly, cheapness.

Emigrants from all over the world brought their culinary preferences to Australia, the kitchen combined east and west, and also brought its ancient traditions, the success was tremendous. Andre Cointreau, president of the Paris Le Cordon Bleu, possibly the most prestigious culinary institute with branches in London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney, believes that if 30 years ago France was the undoubted center of world gastronomy, now this center is Australia.

“Australia is the place where 21st-century cuisine develops,” says Cointreau, believing that Australia’s culinary art will become “tomorrow’s classic culinary:”

Australia is famous for exotic fruits, seafood, meat of bulls, lambs, as well as cheese. Aboriginal food called “bush tucker” cannot be ignored. Such dishes are cooked on charcoal, for example, a dumper bun – a mixture of water and flour fried on charcoal.

Recently, enthusiastic articles about Australian cuisine have often appeared in the Western press. Australian cuisine is considered one of the reasons why you should visit the “fifth continent”. What is happening in Australia at present is rightfully called the culinary revolution. Australia is rapidly breaking into a number of world culinary powers and is aimed only at first place. This country is full of exotic animals and plants, which are neither in Europe nor in Asia, so that it has every reason to be considered the first in cooking.

Like Italy and France, Australia can be divided into several regions known for their dishes: Royal Island cream, Sydney oysters, Bowe mangoes, Coffin Bay scallops, Tasmanian salmon: Each “state” has its own signature dishes.

To summarize the diversity of Australian cuisine, it can be divided into modern Australian cuisine, Asian cuisine and traditional Australian dishes and bush tucker.

Asian cuisine

Australia mixed its traditions with Asian ones. Spicy and sour soup “tom yam”, Chinese “fried rice with diced chicken, and salted fish” – this is only the beginning of a huge list of dishes offered in Australia.

Traditional Australian food

Some dishes have been considered typical Australian for decades. Among them, perhaps, it is worth highlighting vegemite, lamingtons and Arnott’s biscuits.


Vegemite is the most Australian of all Australian dishes. In 1922, the Australian Fred Walker decided to make a special “yeast extract”, so that it was equally nutritious and tasty. The yeast extract was mixed with several other ingredients: celery, onion and salt. It turned out a thick dark mass that can be spread on bread, and can be used as a finished dish. During World War II, a new product was part of the Australian diet and was soon so popular that it became scarce. If you are in Australia, be sure to try this healthy and delicious bread product.


Lamington – a chocolate sponge cake sprinkled with coconut crumbs. At first, lamington was made from biscuit dough stuffed with strawberries or raspberries. Today they are usually made without jam, only occasionally they use whipped cream as a filling.

Biscuits Arnot

In 1865, a small Arnott tent was opened, which sold cakes. Today the company “Arnott. Biscuit LTD” supplies its biscuits to almost 40 countries. Arnott biscuits mean not only high-quality cakes for the local population, millions of Australians grew up on Arnott biscuits, and for them it is part of the history and culture of Australia.

Bush tucker

In restaurants today, you can also enjoy dishes from the Bush Tucker series (cooked on charcoal), real Aboriginal food for the preparation of which local products are widely used: Australian fruits and traditionally baked meat. “Tea in a pot” (tea boiled in a camping pot) will surprise even a Russian tourist. You can also try one of the most interesting dishes called “Anaboroo, Mango and Burrawong Soup”, which consists of three ingredients: a whole roasted bull in elastic net, tropical mango, and local burravo.

Modern kitchen

Contemporary Australian cuisine is a mix of completely different local traditions. Asian spices such as lemon grass, coriander, chili and cardamom can be found in traditional local dishes.

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