Fifth continent
In no prosperous country in the world can you find such a combination of welfare with untouched nature and limitless open spaces ... Today, Aeroflot refused to fly to Australia,…

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Hunt: Pure Australian killings
Hunting is a strange entertainment. It seems to be cruel, but on the other hand it is a natural male occupation, the most vitally justified. Someone today hunts for bread,…

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Passion around a kangaroo
Despite high-profile protests by wildlife advocates, the Australian government raised the quota for kangaroo shooting this year, setting it at 6.9 million animals. The Australian kangaroo meat and leather industry…

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Australia rivers

If you look at the Australian continent from high, you can see that its entire territory is covered by river channels. Almost all waterways are shallow or generally dry. Replenished only in rainy seasons. Another feature of the mainland is that virtually all rivers lack runoff into the ocean.

This is due to the fact that nature gave the continent an unpleasant gift and rainfall is unevenly spread on its territory. Almost all the time the riverbed is dried up. Only at the time of rains they spill and can flood nearby settlements. When precipitation ends and a hot sun appears on the horizon, they dry out. In Australia, there are approximately 70 rivers.


This river is considered the longest river of the mainland. It occupies almost 12% of the entire continent. Its mouth was always considered small and shallow. Replenishes the lack of water during heavy rains. It is at this point that it is considered especially dangerous and can sink entire settlements. In the middle of the 20th century, the largest Murray spill was witnessed.

Many towns and their inhabitants were affected by its waters. The flood lasted almost six months, which ultimately caused massive destruction. However, almost always the river remains quiet and calm, does not portend any danger. Earlier, during a drought, the Murray bed almost became dry. But today, such problems do not arise, since the required water level is provided thanks to the created reservoir. The river is considered ideal for fishing. And not just amateur, but also sports. A large number of fish live in river waters.

In particular, you can find cod, trout and perch. It may also be lucky to catch shrimp or catfish. Among other entertainments, one can distinguish a river boat trip, which has been organized since the 19th century. You can also rent a floating house.

It is a large winding tributary of Murray. Its length is almost 2800 km. During a drought that lasts long enough, the river is very shallow. During this period, the river becomes like a thin brook. The lower course of Darling seems rather uninteresting, since only deserted shores can be seen around. However, it is here that there are suitable places for fishing. In the autumn and spring, the river is very dry.

Having decided to visit near Darling, it is worth stopping in the small town of Brewarrin. Here you can feel the real life of indigenous tribes, try their traditional dishes. Also here you can see the cave rock characters, which are almost 50 thousand years old.

It is another large tributary of Murray. In winter, there is a high risk of flooding nearby settlements, but with the advent of spring and summer, the river is very calm and safe. It is at this time that fishing enthusiasts gather here.

Separately, it is worth mentioning Casuarina Sands. In addition to fishing, you can ride a rowing sports boat. Near the town there is a dam – this is a good option for a long vacation.


The river takes in South Wales, which is 12 km from Gunning. From the beginning, it flows through places with steep cliffs, which forms many thresholds. A little lower the river moves along the lowlands. A reservoir and dam are built on Loklan. Due to this, it is possible to control water collection and use river water for irrigation. The water level is replenished due to rainy seasons, because of which it is quite variable. In summer and spring, river water rises significantly, and it becomes navigable.

Cooper Creek
The river originates at the junction of the Thomson and Barku water canals. Refers to dried rivers. Of the available “cries” of Australia, it is considered the largest and is almost always in a dried state. Water level rises only during precipitation. Despite the dry and hot climatic conditions, as well as the intermittent replenishment of the channel by the waters, the territory located in the vicinity of the river is quite fertile. Initially, Cooper Creek played an important role for the indigenous settlement of the mainland, namely the Aboriginal people, for whom it was the main transport corridor for the supply of fresh water and fishing.

Also, the river gained fame due to the fact that the bodies of a previously missing expedition, which tried to cross the mainland from south to north in the 60s of the 19th century, were found in its waters. Among all its members, only one young man survived, who was able to get to the nearest bay and spent quite a lot of time with the locals. Nowadays, the nearby river territory is reserved for pasture. During the crushing of the river, it is teeming with many crayfish and fish. This is the most suitable time for fishing, as the catch can be rowed with a shovel.

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Australia rivers
If you look at the Australian continent from high, you can see that its entire territory is covered by river channels. Almost all waterways are shallow or generally dry. Replenished…