What to try in Australia?
Australia for many inhabitants of the planet is still one of the most mysterious places with such a number of prejudices that the inhabitants of the green continent themselves actively…

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Discovery of Australia
On April 29, 1770, the heavy and clumsy ship Endeavor anchored in the waters of a charming bay. Among the team of captain James Cook, who went in search of…

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From the moment of its geographical discovery to this day, Australia excites the minds of every person who is not indifferent to travel. In Australia, there really is something to…

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Tourism in Australia

In light of the fact that Australia is perhaps the strangest continent on the planet, it is not difficult to assume that this country is a fertile place for tourism. Such an assumption will not be unfounded, since the tourism industry actually brings Australia a solid income.

The tourism sector accounts for almost 4% of GDP, which is very decent for a very developed local economy. Despite the remote geographical position, about 4 million travelers come to the country every year, and in recent years this figure has increased even higher – up to five million.

Most often, tourists from neighboring countries go to Australia to rest, primarily from New Zealand, which accounts for about a million tourists a year. Also, travelers from North America, England and Japan make a great contribution to the tourism sector.

Quite a lot of people come from China, Indonesia and other East Asian states, but, given the fact that the economic situation in these countries cannot be called flourishing, the flow of tourists from them is somewhat limited. It can be assumed that as living standards in these countries improve, the number of people coming from them will be significantly higher.

Beach vacation
Central to the life of Australians is water, which is sorely lacking on the mainland, but more than enough around and in its bowels (recall that Australia has enormous reserves of artesian water). Accordingly, water recreation is an integral part of Australian life. It is no less attractive for a tourist.

Australia’s most famous beach area is the Gold Coast, which is a beach about 40 km long. This area is also interesting in that there are subtropical and tropical climatic zones. For this reason, the sun shines on the beach most of the year (about 300 days). The inconvenience can only be caused by the high humidity characteristic of the rainy season.

Such a huge space is conditionally divided into three zones:

fashionable (here are the best and most expensive hotels);
sports (in this zone there is also a very active nightlife);
inexpensive (designed for budget holidays on the beach itself).
The tourist infrastructure on the Golden Coast is very developed and the workers of this business are ready to fulfill almost any requirement of a traveler. Therefore, here you can not only enjoy a beach or water vacation, interspersing it with visits to restaurants and night clubs, but also order:

hot air balloon cruise;
safari in topical thickets;
explore the surrounding landscapes from a helicopter.

Here, the central object is the Great Barrier Reef. However, diving in general is an honor among the Australians, and hardly every second from time to time dives under water. In any case, the local is difficult to surprise with this fact, even if it is a deserted native.

However, one thing is simple diving, and quite another is diving in the Great Barrier Reef (BBR). True, the authorities no longer allow diving wherever they want, since soon after the BBR became a diving mecca, scientists recorded the beginning of the destruction of this gigantic, but at the same time extremely vulnerable system.

As a result, only part of the RBB was left in the public domain, and the rest was declared a protected area. Unfortunately, the reef is threatened not only by tourists striving to sniff out coral or two, but also by climate change. In any case, environmentalists argue that if global warming does not stop, then it can end with many sad consequences, including the death of the BBR.

Meanwhile, the reef is a real miracle of nature: of the approximately 350 species of coral, more than 315 species can be found here. Around this coral kingdom have found a haven for about:

4,000 species of various mollusks;
1,500 species of fish;
10,000 types of sponges.
During one dive, a diver can see about 200 species of fish alone! True, among them there are also quite frightening, although, unfortunately, disappearing fish, like sharks. Although the cases of attacks of these fish on humans are extremely rare.

The fact remains that for every person who died from shark teeth, there are several million sharks killed by people. But those who are stubbornly worried about the likelihood of being among the few victims of the shark’s mouth of the BBB should not visit or dive to large white sharks in a steel cage.

The beauty of the BBB is not limited to wildlife alone, and a researcher of the deep sea can inspect the remains of sunken ships in this zone, since there are enough of them. Those who are not too friendly with water should visit the surface part of this region, since there are about 500 islands of different sizes.

Discovery of Australia
On April 29, 1770, the heavy and clumsy ship Endeavor anchored in the waters of a charming bay. Among the team of captain James Cook, who went in search of…


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