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Australian Coast: Tourism, Vacation and Relax

Tourists who prefer diving into the underwater world should consider Lizard Island, where the Great Barrier Reef is located, Ningalu reef can be found on the West coast, and on the South – Dangerous reef as an option.

Those who wish to ride on rafts should go to the Nimboyd River. Anyone who wants to relax enough under the warm sun by the blue waters, wallowing on a golden sandy beach, you need to go to the Golden Coast. Here you can also meet with a kangaroo, feed sharks and visit one of the sites of the golf club.

Golden coast

The central part of the Golden Coast includes the main hotels of the city, which accept both local and visiting tourists. The place is widely advertised by travel agencies. In the future, in order not to get confused, it is worth identifying two concepts:

“Golden Coast Tourist”;
“Urban Gold Coast”.
The Golden Coast for tourist holidays includes the only area – Surfing Paradise, which is located on the line of the ocean coast, whose length reaches 4 km and a width of 450 m. Here, along the entire coast from south to north there are expensive skyscrapers and luxury hotels with comfortable and luxurious rooms for wealthy tourists.

Beaches and the Pacific Ocean can be observed from one part of the street, on the other – a river flows, on the island of which there are cottages and villas. However, this place is considered a paradise for the local population, where visiting citizens most often do not go.
The coast of the ocean is theoretically subdivided into beaches that do not have defined boundaries. The Golden Coast itself is the “Australian Venice, where there is water everywhere” or the “Australian Finland with a lot of lakes”.
The city has a local way of life, where all private use properties reach a fairly high cost, are equipped with a private pier on the lake, the building itself is located on the central place of the land, and the main entrance is on the back of the street, a dead end, inaccessible to prying eyes.
On both sides you can see the same wealthy neighbors, with expensive mansions, garages for several cars and yachts. In general, life passes here calmly and quietly, without unnecessary trouble.
The Gold Coast is different from the Sunshine Coast, which is located just north of Brisbane, it is distinguished by the fact that there is a wealthy population of the entire Australian continent, as well as other citizens from around the world who prefer the style of living in full view.
The population of the Sunshine Coast is by no means poorer in material terms of the Gold Coast, but for them, money and ostentatious luxury are not in the first place, but family and homeliness in a close environment.
People who live in luxury mansions and chic villas with separate access to various channels, as well as living citizens in high-rise skyscrapers, are surrounded by the least wealthy people and visiting tourists from all over the world.

Such citizens of the country live in one-story buildings, which are located far from the central part of the city, canals and the ocean coast. They work mainly in the field of hotel and entertainment services, in a word, they serve a rich and wealthy category of the population, as well as visitors. They work to the point of exhaustion, secretly envy the rich population and dream of winning a decent amount in the lottery or casino in order to move to a rich mansion.

Tourists include people who come here to watch the “game of wealth, money and luxury,” or even take an active part in this process by buying local property or renting one of the villas here. In particular, these are visitors from China and Japan. On the Gold Coast, the main languages ​​of communication are Chinese and Japanese.

The golden tourist coast is the most popular and popular place that should be visited by all visitors to vacationers.

Sunny coast

The coast is located north of Brisbane, which includes small towns built on wide sandy beaches. It is in the city of Kalandra, which is located a little to the south, that the Solar coast originates and ends in the northern part of the town of Nyusa. The entire distance between them is occupied by cottages and small villages.

The main difference between Solnechny and the Gold Coast is that people with average income prefer to live here, for whom the main thing in life is privacy and tranquility, security and family values ​​instead of bulky hotels and luxurious villas, noisy crowded bars and casinos. Here, the local population leads a moderate life rhythm in a close circle of the family and closest friends. Close attention is paid to personal safety, educational measures. Nothing ever happens here for nothing – the rhythm of life is based on family rules.

On the highway, which leads from Brisbane, the natural landscape is replaced as scenes from the movie.

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