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Australian cuisine
Australian cuisine is one of the most exotic and diverse in the world. Its possibilities range from meat pies and vegetarian sandwiches to kangaroo fillets with young beetroot shoots and…

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Australian cuisine: gastronomic tour

Australian cuisine is one of the most exotic and diverse in the whole world. Immigrants from different parts of the world brought their zest to its development. Based on the traditions of England, Australian cuisine has absorbed a large number of Asian dishes, thus combining Western and Eastern traditions with the uniqueness of international culinary. Thanks to what, today the Australian menu is considered one of the most diverse and best of all in the world.

History of Australian Cuisine

The rise of Australian cuisine began in the last century at the end of the 20th century. It was at that far time that various restaurants began to open in the largest cities of the country. The popularity and fame of culinary masterpieces was provided by the original design of dishes, a wide range and relatively affordable price. Emigrants from different parts of the world brought their culinary differences to the Australian country, as a result of which there was a unification of the western and eastern directions, which ultimately yielded an amazing result.

Australian dishes include a large selection. Conventionally, the kitchen can be divided into:

local cuisine;
traditional dishes;
Australian contemporary cuisine.
Tourists and locals give preference to the last and first options.

Modern Australian cuisine began its rise quite recently, in the 80s the unique aromas of dishes made from fresh and natural products began to spread from local restaurants. At that time, cooks focused on local ingredients, from exotic fruits and seafood to meat grown on the Australian continent. After a long period of British monotonous cuisine prevailing in local restaurants and bars, truly something unique and peculiar began to appear, which could surprise real connoisseurs of culinary masterpieces.

This transformation was greatly helped by the influence of various cuisines of the world. This is how Australian modern fusion cuisine came into being, a significant influence on which most cuisines of the world have. The modern cuisine of the country differs from classical dishes in its constant search for unusual and extraordinary taste. For this reason, cooks are very willing to experiment and apply various spices, seasonings and other ingredients of Asian cuisine.

Along with all the culinary masterpieces that appeared relatively recently, Anglo-Saxon traditional cuisine is also present in parallel. In most families, restaurants and bars you can find a menu of British cuisine, such as pudding, meat pie. Many Australian families prefer the British classic breakfast, which includes fried sausage eggs, fried mushrooms, and beans. Due to the high temperature and hot weather, Australians have recently begun to like more refreshing and easier breakfast options.

At the peak of Australian cuisine, dishes such as Lamington biscuit, Dumper bread and yeast-based Wedjimight pasta, which is considered to be a national Australian dish, continue to remain.

Modern Australians have increasingly begun to prefer dietary nutrition that contains nutritious natural ingredients. The menu of the local population consists mainly of meat that is grown on the continent, all kinds of fruits and seafood.

Features of Australian Cuisine
The main role in Australian cuisine is assigned to meat products, regardless of the type of meat, it can be like pork, lamb, beef, and emu, kangaroo or crocodile meat. The country’s population also prefers all kinds of fish and seafood cooked on charcoal. Traditional Aboriginal dishes are prepared in a similar way, food can be of animal or vegetable origin.

Each Australian region has its own culinary masterpieces: in Tasmania it is a salmon, in Sydney – oysters, scallops can be tasted in southern Australia. A large number of animals of an exotic species introduced a real revolution in the national diet in the Australian diet. Gourmet cuisine can be enjoyed only on the Australian continent.

The local population of the country and Oceania with pleasure and in large quantities drink tea. Tea ceremonies here are given the same importance as in England. Refreshing drinks in the form of all kinds of juices with the addition of ginger and mint leaves are also popular.

Almost every resident of Australia is very fond of ice cream, from which excellent milkshakes with various additives are produced. From the English population, Australians have adopted the tradition of relaxing in pubs, which are a huge number in the country; Australians enjoy drinking beer, which in the country has about 100 types. Most cities produce local bottled beer, which is practically no different from some well-known brands.

However, if we compare the Australians with the Europeans, then in Australia, a much smaller number of citizens prefer alcoholic beverages.

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Australian cuisine: gastronomic tour
Australian cuisine is one of the most exotic and diverse in the whole world. Immigrants from different parts of the world brought their zest to its development. Based on the…