Features of Australia: why you need to buy a tour to Australia
Australia is the only country that covers the area of ​​the whole mainland. So it can be considered a state, mainland and island at the same time. Moreover, it occupies…

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This deadly Australia
Most people in Australia are accustomed to the neighborhood of deadly creatures, perceiving them as familiar everyday life. But actually it’s just amazing how many of the creatures that inhabit…

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Tourism in Australia
In light of the fact that Australia is perhaps the strangest continent on the planet, it is not difficult to assume that this country is a fertile place for tourism.…

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Lakes of Australia: what to see during the tour

Australia has a lot of unique places and attractions that are associated with nature. A large number of lakes and rivers are intertwined with each other in a huge system that directs water to all kinds of oceans and then again underground. The Australian continent includes a large 800 different lakes, most of which are in the form of basins covered with clay. Water enters them extremely rarely, as a result of which the appearance of the lakes resembles small reservoirs. The largest objects can be observed in the southern part of the country, as well as in the west.

Pink lake

In Australia, the magnificent Lake Hiller will surprise tourists with its incredible beauty and unusually pink hue.

The lake was discovered in 1802 as was the island of Middle Island, where it is located. A seafarer from the UK was one of the first to pay attention to the Australian lake, which struck him with its special beauty.

It is not for nothing that the lake has such a name; Hillary is actually pink in color. Scientists have been racking their brains for a long period of time in the hope of solving a riddle of a unique color. Initially, it was assumed that the lake contains a certain salt composition, which is located at the bottom and gives just such a shade, but the fact was disproved, which led to even more mystery and mystery.

In the twentieth century, salt mining was carried out on the lake; after 5 years, mining ceased under incomprehensible circumstances. It is possible that this is due to environmental reasons or low payback. Then there was another theory that the lake has a pink color due to microorganisms that have the properties of a special glow. However, this theory also crashed.

Until today, scientists do not abandon attempts to unravel the unique mystery of nature, but so far all the work is futile.

In the area where Lake Hillary is located, there is no water navigation, the most optimal way to get to the place is by air transport, which only affluent tourists can afford because of its high flight cost.

Air Lake
In Australia, Air Lake is one of the largest, which is unique in that it has an unusual property – the lake dries up and is restored again depending on the season. Air Lake is rightfully considered the largest, since at the time of floods and spills delivered by the northern monsoons, the area can reach more than 9,500 square meters. meters.

The lake was discovered in 1840 by the discoverer Edward Eyre, after which it acquired this name. The largest lake in the Australian country is located in the central part of the continent. Another interesting fact is that Lake Air consists of two parts connected by a strait. During the dry period, a small amount of water remains in the lake, which settles at the bottom. With the onset of the rainy season, the reservoir is filled thanks to the Australian rivers, the course of which is nearby, and the area and depth of the lake will depend only on the amount of rainfall.

Lake Air Race Trials
Perhaps Air Lake can be called one of the salty and dry in the whole world. During a drought, the appearance of the reservoir is more like a desert, where a layer of salt reaches a thickness of up to 5 meters. Over time, the lake begins to fill with water, as a result of which the salt dissolves. The lake can be completely filled with water 3-4 times throughout the entire century, this factor completely excludes the possibility of all sorts of living organisms living here. When the water is more or less fresh, fish can swim in the lake, in the dry period it disappears.

In each period of the year, the lake has certain properties that attract the attention of tourists. At the time of the flood, it is an incredible picturesque oasis that attracts with various views and beauty. In the drought season, here you can observe a chic track for the development of high speed. The flat surface provides an opportunity for racing enthusiasts to pick up the highest possible speed on various cars, a stretch of which stretches for several tens of kilometers.

Neon lake
Another unique Australian place is the Neon Lake, which can be seen in Kroagingolong Park.

Spending time on the lake coast, vacationers drew attention to the fact that the lake at night seems to overflow with various illuminations. The secret turned out to be quite simple – the lake shone thanks to unique microorganisms.

Underwater algae have grown so much that their reflection could be observed only from the end of 2010. Since that time, a night-time type of recreation on the shore with tents near the Neon Lakes has gained great popularity.

Amadeus Lake

The lake acquired its name in honor of the King of Spain Amadeus the First. In the rainy season, the lake tends to fill with water, and during the drought season, the pond dries completely, at the place of which a layer of salt forms.

It is assumed that the reservoir contains a multimillion-dollar supply of salt, which is calculated in tons.

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