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Where to go in Australia, what to see and how long does it take to get to know Australia?

Of course, for the first and basic acquaintance with the 5th continent, Melbourne and Sydney are the first and main places to visit in Australia. It’s minimum.

If you have enough time and the budget is not running out, then it is worth including the cities of Cairns (with the BBB) and Darwin in the program of trips around Australia, it is also possible to include the Red Center and Tasmania. Everything, of course, depends on which tours and program you would like to choose in these cities and places.

On the route it is more logical to do so (in terms of flights, etc.), depending on the place of arrival and departure.
For example, if the arrival and departure from Sydney:
Sydney – Darwin – Cairns – Melbourne – Sydney;

If you include the Red Center (there are several route options):
Sydney – Darwin – Cairns – Red Center – Melbourne – Sydney

OR you can also Darwin – Red Center (Uluru or Alice Springs) – Cairns – Melbourne – Sydney: it is better to look at the cost of flights from Darwin: it is much cheaper to fly to cairns or to Uluru / Alice Springs first.

If you include Tasmania, then:
Darwin – Cairns – Red Center (Alice Springs or Ayers Rock) – Melbourne – Tasmania (Hobart) – Sydney

Acquaintance with Australia

You can also transfer from Tasmania to Melbourne by night ferry from the town of Devonport in the north of Tasmania to Melbourne (every evening departs and arrives in Melbourne in the morning) – a convenient night ferry with good cabins and a restaurant. this makes it possible to make a tour of Tasmania for several days from south to north through the entire island and in the evening go, calmly sleep on a ferry, and be in Melbourne in the morning.

You can also go from Melbourne by ferry to Tasmania, spend the night in a comfortable cabin, and in the morning you can already be in the north of Tasmania in the town of Devonport, and then end the tour in Hobart (the capital of Tasmania) and fly from there to Sydney.

Further, according to the length of stay in each of the cities and places:
in Sydney and Melbourne I advise at least 2-3 days with tours of the city and the surrounding area.
In Sydney, I advise a minimum survey (half day or full day) + Blue Mountains + tour south of Sydney along the Pacific coast.
In Melbourne, I recommend a minimum of half-day survey + Dandenong National Park and Philippe Island with a penguin parade + Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles. Obzorka in Melbourne can be combined with a trip to the wine valley of Yarra, or with a tour to the town of gold diggers of the 19th century Sovereign Hill.

Also, the dream will be in Brisbane and the Golden Coast (where you can arrive from Sydney by car for 2-3 days). They usually come here with their families and children to relax on the beach, as well as surf lovers for riding the waves. In Brisbane and the Gold Coast it is worth spending from 2 to 5 days, if with relaxing on the beach and visiting amusement parks.

Tours and excursions in Australia

In addition, I definitely advise you not to forget to include a trip to the city of Cairns (on the north east coast of Australia)! it is a very beautiful region rich in nature (and flora and fauna): tropical climate, beaches and the ocean (incl. Great Barrier Reef), jungle and tropical plants, waterfalls, lakes, many wild animals, places for everyone. Unesco heritage, as well as you can see Aboriginal people and just relax on the reefs, on a tropical island or just on the Palm Cove or Trinity Beach. You need to go to Cairns, where I recommend at least 2-3 days of excursion + 1 day cruise to the Great Barrier Reef (or you can also make an express cruise to the nearby reefs and combine it on the same day with an excursion to other places) + optional several days rest on the beach or on the island (for example, the tropical island of Fitzroy). Instead of the standard one-day excursions, I also offer our unique 3-day / 2-night tour from Cairns to the outback of tropical Australia through unique places and nature, wild animals, the jungle, Aboriginal people and a real Australian outback, but there are also longer tours to remote and rarely visited places through the jungle, “places of power”, etc. for 4-5 days.

The Red Center has several tour options: you can fly for 2 or 3 days to Uluru (Ayers Rock) and stay at one hotel and just make trips to Mount Uluru, the rocks of Kata Tzhuta, and also (if for 3 days) to the Royal Canyon. These tours can be done individually with the Russian guide, or in the English group by bus (they are less crowded and fewer places of visits and stops, but cheaper).

Or another and most interesting option for a tour of the center of Australia: an individual tour with a Russian guide through the desert and the Red Center from Uluru (Ayers Rock) to Alice Springs (or vice versa) with stops and arrivals to the most interesting and little-known beautiful natural places, gorges, lagoons , salt flats, Aboriginal places, sunset and dawn meetings, including, of course, the main famous points: Mount Uluru, Kata Tzhuta rocks, the Royal Canyon with an individual route to these and other secret places that are never visited on group tours. For such a tour you need at least 3 days / 2 nights, arrival in Ayers Rock and departure from Alice Springs (or vice versa).

Australian Coast: Tourism, Vacation and Relax
Tourists who prefer diving into the underwater world should consider Lizard Island, where the Great Barrier Reef is located, Ningalu reef can be found on the West coast, and on…


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