In the country of antipodes
It just so happened that we traditionally imagine Australia as a country of "antipodes." You may not remember what the capital of this state is called, what kind of seas,…

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Quisland: from jelly fish to ram lizard
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Australia North Tour

Australia is a country of antipodes and all kinds of oddities. It would seem that the state has a convenient name for the Northern Territory. It is logical to assume that this state is located in the very north of the mainland, otherwise, what kind of north is it. However, only a small part of it faces north, and most of it occupies the very core of Australia.

This state has the proud title of “backyard of the state”, despite the fact that the backyard is for some reason located in its center. In a word, Australians are as strange a nation as the nature of this continent.

However, the backyards are the backyards, but this almost state (more on this later) is a real storehouse of Australian landscapes. A significant part of those paintings that adorn brochures was made in the Northern Territory.

In many respects this is facilitated by the fact that this area is very poorly populated – the minimum population density in the entire state. Accordingly, the influence of man on the local nature is not too noticeable.

Being multiplied by the reverent attitude of Australians to the preservation of natural wealth, this has yielded excellent results in every sense. Therefore, those who want to see pictures of idyllic Australia should definitely visit the Northern Territory.

By the way, although it is often called the state, in fact, this subject of the federation has a somewhat lower status, but for simplicity it will be referred to as the state below. The capital of this is the city of Darwin, which is a rather interesting settlement.


The first people who settled in this state were the ancestors of the current Australian aborigines. They came here supposedly from nearby islands of the future Indonesia about 40 thousand years ago. At the same time, they continued to maintain relations (at least with trade) with their homeland. This went on for at least five hundred years, after which the signs of active trade disappear.

After some time, Australia disappears from the field of view of the surrounding peoples, and again only Europeans get to it. In any case, the first settlements on the territory of both Australia and its northern part were founded by the Dutch, and then the British.

But, if in the eastern part the settlers felt quite well, on the lands of the Northern Territory they had a hard time. It is enough to say that the British tried to establish settlements here four times, and three times they ended in a complete fiasco. The reason is simple – hunger, and the colonists provoked a sense of hopelessness among them.

In the end, they somehow managed to gain a foothold, and after about half a century, a telegraph line was even installed here. Meanwhile, the colonists adapted to dig mines, extract minerals and raise livestock, which became the basis of the local economy. Moreover, one of the local farms was able to become the largest livestock enterprise in the world.

In the second half of the 19th century, gold deposits were discovered in the state, and in several places at once. The result is a gold rush. Soon there appeared a railway line connecting one of the centers of gold mining with Darwin.
Difficult relations developed among the settlers with the local population. Despite the fact that they did not show any kind of harsh racism, the descendants of British convicts still looked at Aboriginal people as second-class citizens, if at all.
As a result, the natives began the struggle for their rights, in particular for the fact that their work was valued in the same way as the work of whites, and their right to land was no different from the rights of any other person. Sometimes outright violence came into play.
It is not known how it affected the contents of the heads of the white settlers, but soon after the terror committed by Nemarluk (the last prominent local fighter with a foreign invasion), the federal government took up the matter. In the final analysis (albeit not immediately), the natives got the right to vote in the government, which in many ways was the beginning of the Australians’ tolerant attitude towards all peoples and cultures.

Currently, the Northern Territory fully recognizes the rights of the indigenous population, and in many matters leaves the final decision to them. At least their interests are represented by approximately 50 organizations. They also own a significant part of the zones protected by the state, and on average they control almost half of all land.

The state is divided into two climatic zones:

The latter, located in the center of the continent, is characterized by a small amount of precipitation, of which on average no more than 250 mm falls. No rains can be seen in this region during the so-called “rainy season”, although this name is too loud, in light of the fact that we are talking about very short rainfall.

This period falls on October – March. The lowest temperature recorded in this climatic zone of the state was –7 ° С, and the highest +48 ° С.

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