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A few hundred years ago, civilized humanity had never heard that somewhere far away in the southern hemisphere of the Earth, on the border of the Indian and Pacific Ocean,…

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Features of Australia: why you need to buy a tour to Australia

Australia is the only country that covers the area of ​​the whole mainland. So it can be considered a state, mainland and island at the same time. Moreover, it occupies a unique geographical position, which was reflected both in the nature of this country and in the culture, customs and even anthropological characteristics of the indigenous population.

In Australia, the incongruous is combined – the harsh climatic zones are interspersed with fertile rainforests, penguins and dolphins can be seen near kangaroos and koalas, white settlers live in peace with the natives, and the descendants of the convicts brought here have become one of the most educated and friendly nations in the world.

Geographic features

The most important of them is that the mainland is located in the southeast of our planet. Accordingly, here at least the seasons fall on diametrically opposite months.

The bulk of the landscape is represented by deserts and semi-deserts. Few people know that the number of deserts is not led by Africa, but Australia. With water arteries, the situation is quite the opposite – only two large rivers.

However, in contrast to the deserts, the southeast of the country has a much more affectionate climate. It is not surprising that it was precisely these lands that concentrated most of the inhabitants of the state.

Speaking of the mainland or island, usually the eyes are presented with a picture of land rising above the surface of the water. Australia has violated this principle. The fact is that most of the spaces are not above, but below sea level. We can say that the continent is like a bowl set in water, which does not fill with water only thanks to the higher sides.

The East Australian Mountains are an exception, and rise to a height of more than a thousand meters above sea level. They are the dividing line that separates the desert horror from evergreen grace. By the way, snow in Australia can also be seen, but only on the tops of the mountains mentioned, which also looks extremely unusual, given the fact that there is a desert at the foot.

The highest point on the continent is Mount Kosciuszko, whose height is 228 meters higher than the mark of two kilometers. The lowest point is Lake Eyre, located 16 meters below sea level.

Australian Characteristics
The mentality of the locals is as strange as the nature of the mainland. This is not to say that they drool over their beards or mow down with a purple eye – the mental health of the Australians is all right, and they are very educated, polite and extremely adequate. However, at the same time they retain a very unusual sense of humor, which is vaguely reminiscent of English humor, which not everyone will understand.

Apparently the Australians are united with the British not only by a common past (we will remember that most of the history and culture of this state is connected with the British Empire and the inhabitants of the country are still considered subjects of the Queen of England), but also an island position.

Big jokers, at the same time, are able to impress a visitor with their tact. They will never overestimate their status, but they will not be allowed to do this to others either. At the same time, they somehow managed to maintain fidelity to truly Puritan simplicity and morality, while being champions of all kinds of rights and freedoms.

Defending freedom, they think not only about the rights of people and various minorities, and even not only about their own, but also about the natives and even about animals and plants. In any case, the Australian concern for the conservation of nature can be an example for any other country.

Australians are generally large individualists and sacredly respect their rights. So sacred that as soon as they turn 18, they usually leave their parental home in search of their own life.

Australia’s iconic objects
Despite the fact that most of the territories are occupied by uninhabited or almost uninhabited deserts, Australia has many attractions. It is difficult to single out some of them as the main one, but among the natural objects, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the main ones.

It is unique not only in that it can be seen even from outer space (after all, the largest coral formation in the world). In addition, the Great Barrier Reef is also interesting because corals of almost all species existing in the world are present here. You can add to this incredibly clean and clear water, an abundance of the most diverse marine life, luxurious shells to make it clear how beautiful this natural object is.

The next natural site with the best reputation is Kakadu National Park. Not only can you see magnificent tropical flora, fauna and waterfalls here, so here you can also find cave paintings of ancient times.
There are a lot of national parks in the country, and listing them all is extremely difficult, but if a tourist has such an opportunity, they would certainly be worth visiting without exception.

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