Relax in Australia

Death in Venice - Life in Australia
Unconventional sexual orientation today has ceased to be a cause for criminal prosecution. But it is still annoying the broad masses of people who are not familiar with Thomas Mann’s…

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Fifth continent
In no prosperous country in the world can you find such a combination of welfare with untouched nature and limitless open spaces ... Today, Aeroflot refused to fly to Australia,…

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Quisland: from jelly fish to ram lizard
What is Queensland? One of the five states of Australia with a subtropical climate, many kilometers of beaches, the lights of luxury hotels, the noise of the ocean tide and…

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A few hundred years ago, civilized humanity had never heard that somewhere far away in the southern hemisphere of the Earth, on the border of the Indian and Pacific Ocean, there was another one – the fifth continent – Australia. And when this Green country was discovered, by the first settlers, and after the Dutch sailors, when the British took Australia into their hands, convicts and their families began to be sent here, truly fabulous and, at the same time, frightening lands opened up. Everything was different here than in distant Europe – day and night, winter and summer switched places. There were strange plants and amazing, unlike any other species known until then, animals, and local indigenous tribes lived their own incomprehensible lives. Today, Australia, familiar with everyone, is geography, history, the Continue reading


From the moment of its geographical discovery to this day, Australia excites the minds of every person who is not indifferent to travel. In Australia, there really is something to see, not in Odessa slang. This continent country has absolutely everything that even a sophisticated traveler can dream of. These are endless expanses of steppes and deserts, mountain ranges, subtropical forests, rivers, sea bays, megacities and small provincial cities. In addition, Australia has a rich animal and plant worlds and a unique history of conquest. However, all the numerous sights and beauties cannot be covered even for several years, not only traveling, but even permanently living on the Green Continent. Therefore, every tourist going on a tour in Australia must visit the most important sights of this country, without which it is impossible to recreate a holistic impression of it. Continue reading

What to try in Australia?

Australia for many inhabitants of the planet is still one of the most mysterious places with such a number of prejudices that the inhabitants of the green continent themselves actively support them, demonstrating an excellent sense of humor. This also applies to culinary traditions that incorporate the eclecticism of the West, notes of the East and the indescribable flavor of Oceania.

The editors of the portal tried to figure out what dishes a typical Australian does not do without, and what a tourist in the homeland of koalas, platypuses and kangaroos should definitely try.

Wedgemyte Toasts

Can you imagine a beer spread on bread? And the Australian chefs did it when, back in 1922, the Vedzhimayt paste was invented, the main ingredient Continue reading

What to see in Australia?

When it comes to Australia, a number of associations pop up in my head: kangaroos, koalas, huge spiders …. But not everyone knows that Australia is not only an amazing world of fauna, but also amazing landscapes, natural landscapes, and magnificent architectural structures.

Traveling in Australia, in most cases, is best to start with Sydney – the largest and oldest city in the country. It is certainly worth seeing firsthand the most “postcard” building – the Sydney Opera House, which is a symbol of modern Australian architecture and a symbol of the city as a whole. Externally, the structure resembles several sails closely adjacent to each other, which looks pretty organic, given that it stands right in Sydney harbor. It, by the way, is considered an independent attraction. The opera Continue reading

What to bring with you to Australia?

If you are going on a trip to one of the most mysterious and interesting countries in the world, Australia, you should study the weather and cultural features of the country in advance, and, based on this, take your suitcase.

If you are going on a trip to one of the most mysterious and interesting countries in the world, Australia, you should study the weather and cultural features of the country in advance, and, based on this, take your suitcase. Today we’ll tell you what things you definitely can’t do without in Australia and which clothes and accessories are best left at home. Continue reading

Crocodile lunch among eucalyptus trees
The most popular with foreigners is the state of Queensland, in the north-east of the country. It is famous primarily for its Gold Coast and Great Barrier Reef. Every second…


Eucalyptus picks
Koalas are very similar to cute bears, and the name of the species to which these animals belong may suggest that they are relatives of clubfoot. Although in fact, this…


This deadly Australia
Most people in Australia are accustomed to the neighborhood of deadly creatures, perceiving them as familiar everyday life. But actually it’s just amazing how many of the creatures that inhabit…


Great Barrier Reef
Feed the shark, see with your own eyes the real coral jungle, huge turtles, sea crocodiles, squids, octopuses, rare bird nesting places - the Great Barrier Reef will provide this…